Welcome to the Oklahoma Antiques

Welcome to the Oklahoma Antiques website, Oklahoma Antiques aims to recreate an elegant, authentic American prairie experience here online, inspired by the historic Guthrie district in Oklahoma.  On our website we offer a wide range of antiques sourced from over the world, you will be able to add an antique or piece of art to your home, or perhaps find an unusual gift for a loved one.  Explore the nooks and crannies of nineteenth century life on our virtual prairie and find some stunning antiques.


Investing in antiques


Antiques present an interesting investment opportunity, although they are typically defined by narrow parameters, we tend to consider antiques as paintings and furniture.  This limited definitions excludes a number of other categories which feature commodities that can value with age and thus rightly be considered alternative investments.  With a view to such potential, we seek goods to offer on our website, thinking outside the box and providing a platform for all brackets of antique lovers and investors to consider such as books, coins, sports cards and memorabilia and music instruments, as well as some hidden and rare gems that you just will not find anywhere else.  Keep in mind to have an appreciation for the collectible, and remember, wherever you choose to place your money, deliberate and aggressive due diligence is always a wise investment.

Happy hunting here at Oklahoma Antiques...